That Was Fun!

Yesterday was Mr. T's birthday, and (miraculously) he was in town (read that: "not on the road again"). Hooray! Of course, that had more to do with the Labor Day Holiday on Monday making for a short work-week and other folks not being available because of that than with it being his birthday...but, hey, it was a gift, nonetheless.

We were thrilled when Missy M called last week to say she was coming for a visit over the weekend. I don't mind admitting I have missed my "roomie" for most of the past three months...and my two four-legged grand-dogs. So their visit was a real treat...and timely, when you consider she would be here to help celebrate her Dad's birthday, if just a wee bit early.

When I asked on Saturday what flavor of cake he'd like, I was happy to hear "chocolate with white icing," which is my fav, too. Yum! Here's a photo of the end result, which we fired up (the candles were actually sparkler-versions!) over the weekend, after grilling a couple of racks of ribs.

Also, we headed to Durham for our first football game of the season, enjoying a WIN by Duke over Florida International. We had our pre-game tailgate picnic, and we saw fireworks at halftime! That was a real treat, since most Duke football games are day-games...and rarely dark enough for fireworks. Remarkably, I was able to get a couple of decent shots of the fireworks...before the smoke became the main attraction. (There was NO wind to blow it away...:~\). Here's one of them:

Sounds like a return to normal activity, right? Well, almost. All the walking we did on campus was quite a challenge for Missy M's recently-healed foot. And, since I am still searching for my "normal" store of energy, the activities had pretty much depleted my reserves by the 4th quarter. So when M "hinted" that it was time to go with over 10 minutes left on the clock, she got no argument from me...AKA she-who-never-leaves-a-game-before-it-is-over.

Then, on the REAL day (Wednesday), Mr. T and I tried out a new restaurant in Winston-Salem called Milner's American Southern Cuisine and Cocktails. Well, new to us, that is. Enjoyed great food (he had the mahi-mahi on shrimp creole and Carolina rice, and I got the crab cakes with collards...after an appetizer of fried okra with remoulade sauce!) and a great time together. I could get used to this dining out together mid-week!

Speaking of which (being together throughout the week), this birthday puts Mr. T officially in the Retirement Red Zone. And, barring unforeseen circumstances, we will continue with our plan of business as usual. For how long? Subject to change, of course. The current plan is for 6 more years, which will give him 20 years with Mitsubishi Fuso...and me Medicare coverage. Who knew we would be making retirement decisions based on how costly health care is?

We aren't the only ones working the Retirement Plan. Bro J and SIL J will sooner-than-later be "neighbors," as they are exchanging their 'Ville: goodbye Nash-...hello Ashe-! They aren't ready to make the transition yet...but they are getting there...or, rather here! The refurbing is underway at their new-to-them mountain retreat, which will eventually be their retirement Shangri-La. Glad they could sort out their work schedule for a visit to NC this week.

So, slowly but surely, life as I knew it is returning. I still have an issue with my Bell's Palsy, but I am seeing a Speech Therapist for help...have my second appointment this afternoon, as a matter of fact. She gave me several new exercises to do, and today I start with an electrical stimulation to that facial nerve with a zapper called VitalStim. Woo hoo! Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Remember...eye on the prize. Slowly but surely...


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