If It Ain't Broke...

Oh, but it IS broken. Took Missy M to the foot doc yesterday, and he confirmed what was suspected on her trip to the ER last Sunday: her right foot is broken. He told her "6 to 8 weeks" for the bone to heal...and because he's concerned about the tendon on the outside of her foot, he ordered a full cast...toes to just under her knee...as you can see in the picture...not the walking boot she'd hoped for. So, no weight on the foot yet, which means she's still on crutches. And no driving, which means I'm her new best friend.

Also, he tried to tell her "no work," at least until after her next appointment on June 7th...tried to get her to accept the written excuse so generously offered. Of course, she's genetically predisposed to thinking she can do anything she puts her mind to (now, where could that have come from?), so she blew that suggestion off (as well as any concerns her new BFF shared...:), and we headed her car to The Big White House (KFC's headquarters...in the picture below, along with the Colonel...:). She had to be in a meeting.

Now, don't get me wrong. She's a whiz on these crutches. I honestly don't know how she manages them so well. But, between the steps in the front of the building and general accessibility issues (you cannot just drive up to the front door and hop outta the car), and the heavy backpack (with her computer, etc.) she was carrying, and the extended period of having to sit and contribute coherently (read that: w/o enough pain medication) without having her foot properly elevated...well, maybe that doctor (and her BFF and Mom) weren't so wrong after all. Her director told her "to work from home as much as possible," and she ended up wagging home another pack of stuff to support that suggestion. By the time she got in her house, she was beyond exhausted...and more than ready for a rest.

So, it looks like I'm going to be Driving Miss Maredith for the next few weeks. And running the errands...in an unfamiliar city. I got lost twice yesterday going to the Super Target to pick up her new prescription and get our groceries...and I had the GPS map to get me there. This should be interesting.

Mr. T, on the other hand, is traveling further afield. He had to make a work-related dash back to NC on Wednesday so he could be in Charlotte on Thursday. Not all bad, though, as he is checking on our house, watering the garden, etc. He emailed me that fab picture of the first blooms of the year on the Buddleja 'Black Knight' butterfly bush in our back yard and this wonderful shot of the Kitchen Garden...looking toward the house...where you can see the beans and tomatoes in full-growth mode. Does my heart so much good! I wonder if that early Early Girl tomato will ripen while I'm away?

Meanwhile, he's picking up a few necessities we left behind in our rush to get on the road on Monday. He'll probably make more such down-and-backs between now and ...? West Virginia should be pleased, as their toll receipts will show an increase over the next month or so.

As I said, this should be interesting.


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