Feelin' Weak, Earl?*

*With apologies to the Dixie Chicks for twisting the lyrics to "Goodbye Earl," throughout this post.


OK, I am in full planning and packing mode here.  Vacation on the horizon. And what should leave the coast of Africa with intent to stop us? 

Why, a Category 4 Himmicane named Earl, of course.  Followed closely by a potential Hurricane named Fiona.  You must be joking.

Timing being everything, this Bad Boy appears to be barreling through the Caribbean as I write these words...with predictions for a brush with the Outer Banks late Thursday.

All I have to say is you'd better be gone by Friday, good buddy, Earl.  Na-na-nah na nah ah.

Just like the saying goes for having a nervous breakdown, I've worked hard for this vacation...I've earned it...and no one (or no tropical depression) is going to deprive me of it!  [Read that last sentence with the proper amount of passion...almost borderline hysteria...if you will.]

As Mr. T says, our leaving home for even a day is akin to planning for The D-Day Invasion.  And, for a week or more?  Good grief, Charlie Brown.  Even my To Do Lists have Lists of their own.  Wonder of all wonders, however, this special trip to commemorate a special birthday slowly but surely has come together.  With a lot of help from family (what would we do without Missy M?) and friends (what would we do without BFF AW?), all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place.

And, then...?  What...weather?

You might say, big deal.  Why are you worried about a Cat 4 'Cane that is out in the Atlantic?  Well, you see, here in The Old North State, we do worry about stuff like that, especially when it comes so close to our shores.  Wind and rain disrupt lives in the interior of the state almost as much as the initial landfall and storm surge do the coast.  And...and, this is the most important element for us...high winds and rain can disrupt air travel into and out of the Raleigh airport. 

And, we need RDU to be blue skies, clear flying on Friday. We're on a schedule here.

We need a break*!


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