She Who Knits in Public

What a wonderful morning! Mom and I attended our first performance of the new season for the Symphony today, enjoying the concert program of Britten, Martin, and Brahms. We subscribed to the option of Friday "Coffee Concerts" which are co-sponsored by Krispy Kreme...featuring, drum-roll, please...donuts and coffee! Treats for the tummy and for the ears!!

Mom has said in the past that she just doesn't care for the sound of violins (?), and her hearing is so poor these days that I was concerned she wouldn't really enjoy the experience. Fortunately, she seemed to have a great time, even though it appeared every violinist in the bi-state area was on stage for the Brahms! The Friday Coffee Concerts attract a, well...different crowd from say, Saturday night. Instead of sequins and tuxes (although I spotted a few of each), there were canes and 4-prongs and walkers a-plenty. I imagine the only concert-goers under 50 in attendance were there accompanying/helping a grandparent. Mom was "with her own kind," as she said. And, isn't it wonderful that so many folks in their 70's and 80's and 90's are able to attend, without having to manage night-time driving to get to the hall.

I took my knitting and thoroughly enjoyed the music while adding several rounds of stockinette to my Tam/Swatch-in-the-round. You'll recall that I have to swatch my 'Cash Vero' yarn as homework for my Sweater class on Tuesday nights, and our instructor suggested that we could make a cap (instead of just knittin' nothin'). Caps and my head are not a good couple, so I chose instead to knit the Tam from the (fantastic) Knitter's Handy "Book of Patterns." And, no, I really didn't need that much light to knit, knit, knit, etc., on size US10.5's circs. I'm almost to the point where I have to begin decreasing (which I probably couldn't have done in the dark), and I've definitely got enough to count me "complete" in my swatching homework assignment for class.

I used to knit in class long, long ago in a Grammar -- and then a High -- School far, far away, and I always said it helped me concentrate...although it's not very easy to knit and take notes, I will agree. Since it kept me quiet (for the most part), teachers were tolerant. And, truly, knitting today made the music even more enjoyable, as I didn't find my mind wandering...or my hands I have in the past. And, I attracted only a wee bit of attention from fellow concert-goers, who were positive in their comments. But, really, when you know you are going to be knitting with such nice yarn (merino & cashmere in the blend!), how can you eat a donut without thinking of the sticky fingers you are creating? I compromised...eating only 1/2 of a sugary circle before the concert began...and foregoing any such treat at intermission. Sigh.

This weekend holds a special treat in store: the Alpaca Farm Festival. I can't wait! Check back for photos!


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